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A very successful and enjoyable event."
(Ann Webb, President Elect of the International Committee on Illumination)

„Indeet it was a great experience and allowed me to meet many people from lighting field in Romania.
The idea to mix lighting engineers with architects is excellent and you must continue in this direction. The exposition was also a nice success."
(Georges Zissis, Professor at University of Toulouse, Director of the Research Center "Light and Matter" of LAPLACE)

„Enjoyed it very much."
(Maarten ten Houten, Director Sustainability, Sustainability & Government Affairs, Philips Lighting)

„ I enjoyed being there and was impressed by the nice venue."
(Peter Dehoff, Zumtobel Lighting GmbH, President CIE Austria)

„...we thought the conference was organised very well and ran in a very professional manner" (Martin Lupton and Sharon Stammers)